Eliminate Potholes in Sub-Zero Temperatures

four-season solution for manhole covers, curbs and potholes

One product. Many possibilities. Thanks to its outstanding properties, our repair mortar can be used in many different ways, especially in public areas.

Rompox D4000 The Quick Fixing Mortar
  • For Medium to Heavy Traffic Loads (>25t)
  • Very Slightly Water Permeable
  • For Joint Widths from 3 mm (3/32")
  • For Joint Depths from 10 mm (>3/8")
  • 2 Component Epoxy Resin
  • Quickest Reopening for Traffic
  • Can be Applied During Drizzle
  • Water Emulsifiable, Self Compacting & High Strength
  • Can be Applied at Surface Temperatures of > 0°C (> 32°F)

Repair of Road Damage

Filling of Holes & Damage

Repair of Curbstones

Whether road damage, holes, flaking of curbstones or around manhole covers, or cracks in floor coatings. The unique repair mortar ROMPOX D4000 can be applied all year, even at minus temperatures. Its properties are impressive all along the line.


1. Clean Out

Clean out joints to a depth of at least 10 mm (minimum joint width 3 mm). The surface to be joint-fixed should be cleaned of all impurities before work commences. Adjoining surfaces that are not to be joint-fixed are taped off.

2. Mix

Pour the resin/hardener component (2 plastic bottles stuck to each other) completely into the bucket and start the mixing procedure. After mixing for 3 minutes add
approx. 3 litres of water and continue mixing well for at least 3 more minutes.

3. Moisten

Moisten the surface. Porous surfaces as well as higher surface temperatures, require more intense moistening.

4. Work In

Apply the mixed pavement fixing mortar onto the well moistened surface and work it carefully into the joints using a squeegee. Application time at + 20 °C is approx.
10 minutes.

5. Sweep Off

After approx. 10 minutes (at 20 °C surface temperature) the excess mortar on the surface of the stones can be swept off carefully with a large, coarse broom. Then use a soft, hair broom to do a final cleaning until all residual mortar has been removed from the surface. The correct moment for sweeping, is when white smears no longer form on the stone surface during sweeping. Sweeping should be done diagonally to the joint. Do not re-use swept off material.

6. Clean Off

Using a fine jet of water clean the surface thoroughly and then use a wet hair broom to sweep it off. No subsequent treatment is necessary. During the initial period a very thin film of epoxy resin remains on the stone surface and intensifies the color of the stone and protects it from dirt. This film, however, disappears from the surface in open weather and through abrasion in the coming months. Important note: Please take note of the information regarding the preparation of paving stones.

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